Pint Fest Blood Drive

Though I’m kind of dubious about giving blood in exchange for free booze, this Wednesday, May 17th is the Pint Fest Blood Drive, hosted by the American Red Cross and Deschutes Brewery.

The idea is, give a pint of blood and get a voucher for a free pint of beer from Deschutes. Donating blood is always a good thing, but this certainly sweetens the deal.

The blood drive runs from 12:30 until 5:30. I’d not recommend going straight to the brewery after giving blood, though. :)

Via NewsChannel 21.

3 thoughts on “Pint Fest Blood Drive

  1. and strangely enough Google Adsense put up a bunch of ads on your site about Blood, Stem cells and Oregon Resorts.

    If they’d let you dring the beer before giving the blood it might seem easier. 🙂

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