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Alpenglow Cafe logoIn my comments, Shannon said I should mention the Alpenglow Café—specifically that they had moved. Formerly, they had been located on Bond Street, next door to the brewery; they are now located in the relatively new Newport Terrace/Columbia River Bank building.

Many locals consider the Alpenglow to be one of the best breakfast places in town. Myself, I don’t eat there often enough to make that claim—but I will say that I haven’t had a bad breakfast from them. Check out their menu online and see what you think.

(An aside about their webpage: not at all impressive. Except for the menu page, all of their pages consist of a large image with clickable hotspots, and they don’t list their current address or hours anywhere—fortunately, I was able to grab this info elsewhere.)

Definitely worth a trip for breakfast, and last I checked, their prices are very reasonable. Shannon, anything to add?

Alpenglow Café
1133 NW Wall St.
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 383-7676
Open 7am – 2pm (breakfast and lunch)

5 thoughts on “Alpenglow Café

  1. OK, i’m a goober. I didn’t know that building was called Newport Terrace and hell, I LIVE IN THAT BUILDING.

    The home fries have never been mushy to me .

  2. I like the hot 5-grain cereal with a drizzle of Vermont maple syrup. And their fruit is almost always sooooo goooood.

  3. Thanks for your comments, I soooo agree with Shannon. Our Web site is ancient, look for our new one coming soon. The old page was compressed by the web disigner which is no longer in business, so after we moved to our new location in May 2006, we decided to upgrade – I’m super excited & hope you will be to.
    As far as our house potaotes we purchsed a new steamer & method of preparing our homefries – have not seen mushy ones go out for a long time. Check out our weekly specials – YUMMMY!! Our coffee is from Strickley Organic, Vermont Maple Syrup, no frozen or canned items, simlpy the freshest & best 🙂 Same Owners, since 1997, friendly staff (low turn over), same great food.

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