Pole Pedal Paddle!

Tomorrow (Saturday the 20th) is one of our Big Bend Events: The Pole Pedal Paddle.

It’s a relay race, with six legs that include alpine skiing/snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biking, running, canoe/kayaking and sprinting to the finish! You can do it all yourself or be part of team (or pair).

The Les Schwab Amphitheater area will host a day-long festival of various foods, music, sponsor booths and don’t forget, all the cheering and spectating of the U.S. Bank Pole Pedal Paddle participants.

It’s guaranteed to be super crowded, and parking won’t be any fun. That having been said, the event is free, and this is basically Bend’s signature sporting event—if you don’t sweat the details (like where to park), you should have a good time.