What’s Sugarbowl Park?

We have a GIS (geographic information system) computer set up at work, fully loaded with Deschutes County data. One of the things I’ve found interesting is to data mine the system to find (among other things) all the parks in Bend (something you can also do with Google Maps), and I’ve found one in the system that I can’t find in other sources—that is to say, it’s flagged as a park area in our data, but not listed publicly that I can find: something called the "Sugarbowl site."

Anybody have any idea what this is? It’s located off Ramsay Road, just east of 15th, and it’s about a half acre of land. Beyond that, no idea… sounds like an excursion might be in order.

3 thoughts on “What’s Sugarbowl Park?

  1. Hmm….can’t find it in google maps, and the GIS data I have just has southern Deschutes county. More than likely it’s like several of the "parks" that are in GIS data — they were set aside by developers to be turned into community parks, it just hasn’t happened yet. I know for MANY years, the phone book listed a park in Valhalla Heights, a sub-division in NE Bend at the intersection of Mt. Washington and Shevlin Park road. I grew up in that area, and it was about the only thing out there until all these new subs started popping up past it. But there’s been land in that subdivision for at least 20 years that’s been set aside for a park, and it’s just now happening. My guess is that Sugarbowl is the same thing.

  2. Thats super close to my house… i think this park is now the northern end of the Larkspur trail where it intersects with bear creek road.

    prior to the trail being completed, this small section of park land ran from bear creek to tempest.

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