$5 pizza

I always forget about Little Caesars anymore (maybe because we don’t live on the south side of town), but tonight we were down by Fred Meyer and picked up one of their "hot and ready" pizzas for dinner—large pepperoni pizzas that are ready to go, and only $5. Works great in a pinch.

They’re no Pizza Mondo, of course, but I’ve always rather liked Little Caesars. Plus, it’s tough to beat a five dollar pizza you can just walk in and grab. The only problem is convenience… you have to be south already to make it worthwhile, really.

Little Caesars
1120 S. Highway 97
Bend, OR 97702
In the square with Hollywood Video and Outback Steakhouse

2 thoughts on “$5 pizza

  1. Hmm.. $5 isn’t bad, true. Thank god too because Little Ceasers tastes like cardboard. I’d rather pay another $5 and get Domino’s or something..

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