McMenamins movies

McMenamins Old St. Francis School TheaterSad to say, I actually haven’t been to the theater in McMenamins Old St. Francis School yet. But I’ve been to some of their other theaters, and I know it’s a good deal.

First of all, $3 movies! You don’t find that anymore. Second, seating is comfortable chairs and couches. Third, beer and food! Anytime you can order up a pitcher of good beer while watching a movie on the big screen is a good time, I figure…

(You know, back before the Tower Theatre was renovated and turned into a performing arts theater, I often wished that McMenamins would have bought it and turned it into a theater pub, like their Bagdad in SE Portland. I think that would’ve been huge… but I digress.)

This week’s movies are "V for Vendetta," "The Sentinel," and "The Wild." I’m not sure which would be a better movie to watch while drinking…

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