The 11th Postcard

The 11th Postcard by Brian HinderbergerIt was only relatively recently that I found out my friend Brian had written a book a few years back, called The 11th Postcard. Shannon recommended it, but said the only place you can get it is Amazon.

So imagine my surprise the other day when I was browsing in The Book Barn on a whim, and, checking out their local authors shelf, there was Brian’s book—and not just one, but five copies! It’s $12.95, and I bought one today. I figure, I could have bought it from Amazon, but this way I can support a local business and get the book immediately.

I’ll write a review after I’ve had a chance to read it. Watch out, Brian. ;)

(By the way, The Book Barn in downtown is a really great store and deserves its own blog post here. I’ll write one up sometime soon.)

3 thoughts on “The 11th Postcard

  1. Wow. Thanks for the plug! I haven’t really promoted this book because, like Mrs H writes above, the editing is shotty at best. I’ve warned you, if you don’t mind "your" when I really meant, "you’re," you’ll have fun reading this book. The editor also cut out a way too much from my original manuscript, creating serious holes. It’s not all the editor’s fault though, I wrote a majority of this book intoxicated. And it shows.

    This is one of those projects that I did where you ask yourself, "Do I go back and fix it or do I just let it be and move on to the next project?"

    I’m not down on myself for doing it, I’m down on myself for not doing it right.

  2. This weekend at a wedding this gal said to my husband "didn’t you write a book? i saw it at the book barn."

    Twice in one week.

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