Avoid the east side Safeway

Yep, I’m even blogging about things to watch out for. This time it’s the Safeway over in the Forum Shopping Center on Highway 20 and 27th.

Why avoid it? Because every single time I go there, it takes forever to check out—they have what, 10 aisles? And it seems like they only open two at a time even when there’s a huge rush of people (which seems to be every time I’m there). And the ones that are there are slow.

Plus, my wife and a bunch of people we were talking to this last weekend have continuously had bad experiences there. So in the end, it’s just not worth it.

7 thoughts on “Avoid the east side Safeway

  1. I said I’m done there and I mean it!

    The last time there was the last straw…4 items and no one to check me out!

    I’m now going to other grocery stores and staying away from Safeway!!!

  2. Exactly the reason why I shop at Fred Meyer – not only do they have the best selection of fresh veggies, fruit and assorted sugar-free/low-carb products, they also have the self-checkout that is always fast and never a frustration …

  3. You forgot to mention that there is NO WHERE for people to wait in line, so they have to stand in the grocery aisle and block the other shoppers. 🙂 🙂

    BUT… If only have a few items and nothing to weigh, the Starbucks and deli folks are usually happy to check you out since they aren’t usually very busy.

    I usually avoid that store for my major shopping trips anyways, but for quick trips it’s so convenient, and the kids like their chinese food!

  4. Last night, 5:30 pm, heading east and needing beer, bagels, and tomatoes. I opted for Wild Oats over Safeway. Easy in, Easy out. Yeah, I probably paid a dollar more for organic tomatoes. But $1 is definetly worth the 10-15 minutes and major headache I saved by avoiding Safeway.

    Nice timing on the post. I couldn’t agree more.

  5. Yeah, I agree with you there. Not only that, but they’re far more expensive than anybody else.

    I also avoid the North Albertsons (the old Wagners) as they only have about 5 checkstands, and even if they’re all running full capacity, it still takes forever to get through there. I live about a block from there, but drive up the Hwy instead and go to Food 4 less. Yeah, it’s a warehouse, and sometimes the produce isn’t as nearly as pretty as some other stores (but it all tastes great–who cares what it looks like if it’s just going to get chopped up anyway?). But the food’s far cheaper (produce especially), the folks are nice, and I can get in and out of there in no time.

  6. Wow, really? I love Wild Oats. But every time I go, there is a huge line to check out. That… and I can’t seem to avoid the temptation that is their deli, bakery and sushi bar.

  7. I shop at that Safeway, because it’s the closest store to me, but I hate it there so much. What the hell is up with all those idiots that just stand in the middle of the aisle dumbstruck over which type of rice to buy?

    I’ve gotten to the point where I do most of my grocery shopping at Costco, and then just pick up the extra stuff at Safeway or Wild Oats.

    I keep reading things in the paper about getting a WinCo, and I hope that goes through. I don’t mind bagging my own groceries, but Food 4 Less is way too far away.

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