Bond Street Barber Shop

I wrote about the Bond Street Barber Shop on my other blog a few months back, and I wanted to mention it here as well. It’s an old-school barber shop that looks a bit like a sport bar as far as atmosphere goes (whereas the other barber shop in downtown, L & K Barber Shop, is almost entirely old-time barber decor), and all the barbers are men.

The big draw is the complimentary beer or wine you get while waiting for your haircut. Aside from a couple of Bud Light clones, the beer is from Cascade Lakes Brewing, very decent stuff. And they’re nice guys down there too; perhaps a little on the slow side, but you’re drinking beer, so who cares?

They’re located at 841 NW Bond Street, downtown. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 8 to 5. You can make appointments (the number is 541-312-2121), or just walk in and take a seat. There’s a beer in it for you…

2 thoughts on “Bond Street Barber Shop

  1. Speaking of old school barber shops, there’s a place that’s behind the A&W (or in that area back there) on Hwy 20 that’s open at 6:00am for all the folks who want a trim before work. I can’t remember the name of the place.

  2. Beer? Wine?

    Beats the "Astral Hairwash" at Burning Man. All’s they had in their waiting room were Hustler, Penthouse, and Playboy magazines … 😉

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