A new Bend restaurant blog

There’s a new Bend Oregon Restaurants blog (not to be confused with the original). So far it seems to have just started, but looks promising. And the writing is fun and just the right amount of snarky…

The best part of Bend, or Deschutes County for that matter, is that while restaurants offer the organic ingredients, their to go containers are (or can be) Styrofoam. Good thing you carry a nalgene to reduce waste but you look silly walking to your Hummer carrying your Toomies lunch meal deal in a Styrofoam box. Good going.

I hope he keeps the reviews coming… BrENDa’s reviews (the original I linked to above) seem to have petered out since April…

7 thoughts on “A new Bend restaurant blog

  1. What a copycat

    BrENDa should be pissed for stealing her originality, at least call it something else, copycat

  2. Thanks for the write up Jon.

    To the anonymous commentor: The Jerk Store called, their running out of you! (yeah, I took that burn off of George…I don’t have any originality)

    I was unaware that BrENDa had the patent on restaurant reviews. I’ll have to apologize to BrENDa for stealing her original idea.

    Seriously why would BrENDa be pissed? Because I am using the same name? What else should I use? Bend Oregon Restaurants is what people search for.

    BrENDa has some great stuff but the last post was on April 17th. Before that was March 17th. To be honest, I was unaware of BrENDa’s blog until I tried to get the domain from blogger.

    So after I checked it out and realized that the archives are all broken and the lack or recent posts people wouldn’t mind another blog or another opinion of the same restaurants. Seems like a win win for people like Jon.

    Thanks again Jon!


  3. Hey there, Mrs.H…. I certainly would’ve left my name if that were my comment above. I’m impressed that I have an anonymous mafioso ready to throw down on my behalf!!! ;^)

    Anyway, I’m getting the heck out of Bend, and so a new restaurant blog is welcome! In fact, I tried finding out who this new blogger was so that I could just turn over the name and password to him instead of just deleting the account entirely. Bummer that he didn’t leave a way to contact him through comments or an email addy. I would think that comments would help create more of a buzz on his new blog instead of alienating his "reviews".

    Otherwise, I guess this is the first that I’m posting of my leaving town, and maybe I should do a final entry into my original Bend Oregon Restaurants blog site.

    Should I link to the new one? Or should I just delete the whole thing?

  4. I apologize for the lack of comments and or email address. I have corrected the latter but I am having difficulties getting comments turned on. I’ll do my best to get this corrected.

    I’ve posted my contact info for you Brenda, I do hope to hear from you. If I don’t catch up with you before you take off, I wish you well wherever you end up.


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