Bend Brew Fest

Bend Brew Fest logoThe third annual Bend Brew Fest is coming up in just under two weeks, on Friday, August 18th and Saturday, August 19th. The big deal this year is that it’s free. And yes, this is a big deal because the first year I went (two years ago), it cost $15 just to get in.

While admission is free, the mug and tokens are not; $5 for the souvenir mug, and $1 per token (for tasters). That’s not a terrible deal, though. There are also going to be (they say) 60 beers from 30 brewers. That’s pretty impressive for only being in its third year of existence.

Other details? It’s located at the Les Schwab Amphitheather. Hours are Friday from 4pm until 11pm, and Saturday from noon until 11pm. There will be food and live music.

Sadly, I won’t be able to make it; that’s the weekend we have our annual family reunion. A shame too, as the Brew Fest people seem to have really gotten it together this year…

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  1. You wouldn’t be able to go that first night anyway, as it’s my birthday and I don’t drink beer 😛

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