Google Maps for Bend

I don’t quite know when they did this, but Google has updated their satellite views for their map of Bend, and it’s pretty up-to-date—as in, recent sometime in the past year. To see it, search "Bend Oregon", then click on either the "Satellite" or "Hybrid" views and zoom in. Way in. That’s some pretty detailed imagery! (Well, except for the cloud cover.)

6 thoughts on “Google Maps for Bend

  1. I noticed that the other day, too. It’s MUCH tighter than it was before, but is it as tight as the city of Bend’s maps (I don’t feel like opening MSIE just to see).

  2. Wow… takes a while for them to download the new images!

    Looks like the images are from August 2005. Our lot appears to be excavated but no structure yet. The house across the street is framed but doesn’t have a roof. There are two other bare lots that also now have completed houses on them. Things sure change quickly!

  3. Yeah, I was going to say last summer… although I thought my plantings were a little further along. I bet somebody here in Bend did some major work and can help us narrow down when it was taken.


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