Volcano golf nets coming down

According to this item over at the local Fox News site, the giant golf nets over at the defunct Volcano Golf Center (behind Target) are coming down soon. The news item says they’re 100 feet tall, but they seem much taller to me… I remember when they were first erected (1999). Man, there was some huge controversy over those nets. People were complaining over the ruination of the skyline and the views (not that there were/are many houses around there), and to prove their point the complainers often pointed out that the golf nets could be seen from Redmond.

Well, almost. Technically they couldn’t quite be seen from Redmond proper, but you could see them from The Brand Restaurant, a few miles south of Redmond on Highway 97… and even then, only marginally.

An eyesore? Sure, but at least they built them in a relatively out-of-the-way location… it’s not like they were placed on top of Awbrey Butte or something. It’ll be interesting to see where they get moved to (assuming they’ll be moved at all).