Chalk shadow outlines

I’ve noticed lately that someone has been making chalk outlines of shadows on sidewalks in downtown. Has anyone else seen these? What I mean is, the chalk artist traces the outline of a shadow of an object during a certain time of day, so later on when the shadow has moved, the outline is still there.

I’ve noticed this for trees, bicycles, and the bike hitching posts. Probably some other objects too.

And the other day? Someone did a parody of one by tracing the outline of a person. Over on Minnesota, just outside of the Astro Lounge, I think it was… next to a bike hitching post.

At least, you know, I’m hoping it was a parody. ;)

I need to start taking pictures of things…

6 thoughts on “Chalk shadow outlines

  1. Saw a person outline on 9th.

    These ROCK. Unless they’re real… then I suppose they SUCK. At least for the person who was outlined :/

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