Jokers Bar & Grill (?)

Jokers Bar & GrillI don’t know if I’m behind the times on this or what, but how long has there been a bar in the old Elks building downtown? I’m talking about Jokers Bar & Grill (nothing to see on that site). It’s apparently the top floor of the Elks building at 70 NW Newport. How new is it?

The only reason I found out about it is that they’re a sponsor of Shannon‘s roller derby club. What’s the scoop?

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  1. You’re behind the times, I knew about it (radio ad as well as Shannon’s email); however, we RARELY go out to bars anymore

  2. ok, since you’re into new stuff… where was I when the new retaurant on 14th opened? Between the BBQ place at one end and the Not-a-circle-K at the other?

  3. I believe he means Baltazar’s Seafood. It’s on the corner across from where the pizza place used to be. It’s the same owner as the Mexican restaurant in Sunriver. I can’t wait for it to open.

  4. It looks like all of the poker joints in town got in trouble this past weekend. I can’t believe they went as far to say that they did not keep the rake money. I as a player never saw any prizes from that money. And then they said that if the dealers were taking tips, that they did not know about it? Where are they when poker is being played? They know what is going on. Finally, we can all play and not have anyone else have there hand in the pot!!

  5. Jokers is a pretty nice place. The dance floor is huge, and the room has great acoustics. The bar is nice too, with a deck over looking the river. A a little birdie told me that someone quite famous is going to make an appearance this weekend..!!???

  6. Ty Barnett will be performing Nov. 8th at Jokers Bar & Grill. He was on Last Comic Standing and Jay Leno invited him to sit on the couch when he did the Tonight Show. I know this because I’ll be opening for him that night. Be there, it will be a gut busting night.

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