Used book stores (Bend)

You know, I realized the other day that this town really doesn’t have that many used book stores. Not including thrift stores that have a book section, I count four (in Bend):

  • The Bookmark: 228 NE Greenwood
  • The Open Book: 155 NE Greendwood
  • Pegasus Books: 105 NW Minnesota. Known primarily for comic books, collectible cards and toys, Pegasus also sells used books.
  • Xela Gallery: 920 NW Bond, Suite 206

My favorite of the bunch is the Open Book. They’ve been there forever and stock a ton of books. Good selection and reasonably priced, too.

I often think of that stretch of two blocks on Greenwood—just west of the light on 3rd—as the book store district. Especially when the Paperback Exchange was still open, across the street from the Open Book.

I’ve never been in to Xela Gallery, but it’s located in the Penney Galleria downtown. Since I work downtown (more or less), I’ll have to check it out one of these days.