The Real Best of Bend 2006 is up!

The results for monkeyinabox’s Real Best of Bend 2006 are up! Classic… I’m thinking about making a link in the sidebar for this.

2. Best Roundabout To Drive In Circles:
Winner:the "SEX" roundabout
Runner Up: Chicken with the butt on fire.

Makes you proud to be a Bendite, with landmarks such as these.

8. Best Milkshake:
Winner: Dandy’s / Goody’s (tie)
Runner Up: KTVZ’s Newsroom

Honestly, whoever voted for the runner up, please let me know. Does Bob Shaw have some extra talents we’re not aware of?

12. Best Family Dinner For Under $20:
Winner: It Can’t Be Done
Runner Up: Dumpster Diving

Why do you think I asked the question. Argh!