More roller derby coming up

I promised Shannon I’d blog this for her: the latest "Renegade Rollergirls" roller derby is coming up Saturday, September 16 at the Central Oregon Indoor Sports Center. $6 tickets. Click through on the image for the full flyer and info.

Renegade Rollergirls flyer

And no, I’m not displaying the full image here because I really don’t want a big bloody knee on the front page of my site. :)

3 thoughts on “More roller derby coming up

  1. Is that a bloody KNEE you’re not showing or nasty road burn on a butt cheek? Look closely. It’s a way cool shot, that is one tough chick and I am sooo there Saturday night! Roller chicks RULE!!

  2. You know, I think you’re right… it IS a buttcheek! Well, either way, I don’t want a big bloody buttcheek on the front page, either. 😉

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