The Shire

Hobbit hole in The Shire in Bend, OregonYes, I was bound to blog about this sooner or later here: The Shire. We all know The Shire around here, correct? The Hobbit-themed real estate development? Right. It’s hitting the news outside of the area, finally.

I first blogged about it here over a year ago. I called it "some kind of crazy." I mean really, who builds Hobbit holes? (Okay, utility sheds, but still.) If I were to live there, I would fully wear period clothing and a long sword strapped to my belt. Hey, "some kind of crazy" requires crazy living.

Anyway, the other day Boing Boing ran an item on it, based on this article from the Oregonian. In the geek world, when it hits Boing Boing, it’s the Big Time.

Today Shannon points to the Pop Candy blog and the Best Week Ever which have both picked up the story. The tone in both is mocking.

Okay, I think that’s it. Did I miss anybody? I imagine there will more links; perhaps we need a ShireWatch or something.

I just find this whole thing rather weird. I mean, right here among resort destination ranches with celebrity-designed golf courses and multimillion dollar homes, we have… a medieval village inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien?

Sad to say, I haven’t visited it yet. Would anyone who has like to post a report?

4 thoughts on “The Shire

  1. I drove past it a few nights ago, but all I could see was a mass of construction and a patch of green in the distance I didn’t see a way to get to. I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

  2. I visited the Shire during the Tour of Homes. My sister and I were making a lot of jokes and laughing. The guides or hosts or realtors were not too happy with our behavior and gave us many stern looks. Did I mention that the guides were dressed up like character from the Lord of Rings! Too much.

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