Bend Roots Music Festival 2006

I saw a flyer for this at Pizza Mondo today (Pizza Mondo, of course, rates its own blog entry, sometime in the near future): the Bend Roots Music Festival 2006. It’s a "music festival in Bend for the musicians in Bend."

Bend Roots promotes musical community in the high desert creating opportunities for performance, workshops and extemporaneous jamming.

This year’s event will be held Saturday, September 23rd on Bend’s west side at 14th and Galveston by the flaming phoenix roundabout.

There will be two outdoor stages: one at Parrilla Grill and one at the Victorian Café.

Admission is free.

This sounds pretty cool. The music starts at 10am, and they say it’ll go to 9:45pm and "absolutely no later!!" Check out the list of local musicians on their page; seems like a pretty eclectic spread.