Central Oregon pumpkin patch

If you’re looking for a fun excursion with the kids (or even without), you might want to check out the Central Oregon Pumpkin Company‘s pumpkin patch throughout the month of October. We went yesterday (the 1st) and it was a good outing that we enjoyed quite a bit.

Located near Terrebonne and Smith Rock (north of Redmond), they offer not only a vast pumpkin patch from which you can select the perfect pumpkin to purchase, but also have a giant corn maze, a harvest market, hay and wagon rides, a pumpkin cannon (no kidding), weekend pony rides, and more. Their hours are noon until 6pm during the week, and 9am until 6pm weekends. There’s no charge to get in and check things out, though everything else will cost you.

We had a good time, and picked out our pumpkins (25 cents a pound, we ended up with nearly 60 pounds of pumpkins which came out to $14.50). Want to see pictures? Click on through…

Pumpkin patch

Pumpkin patch
These give you an idea of how big the pumpkin patch is…

Live music and food
They had live music and tables set up to eat and enjoy.

Pumpkin cannon
Right after I took this picture of the Pumpkin Cannon (really!), they fired it…

Entrance to the corn maze
Entrance to the corn maze. Lots more corn I cropped out. “Children of the Corn”, anyone?

Smith Rock
Obligatory Smith Rock shot. That’s the view from there, really.

Aerial corn maze
Aerial view of the corn maze… I cribbed from their site.