BendFilm stencils downtown…

BendFilm chalk paint tag

BendFilm chalk paint tag
Images from KTVZ

Friday afternoon I noticed the sidewalks had been stenciled up for the upcoming BendFilm event (more on that later); all over downtown, the BendFilm logo and the phrase "what is it to you?" have been painted in white "chalk paint" (according to the Z21 report). All over. My first thought was, did they have permits for this?

It’s generated a bit of controversy; you can watch KTVZ’s online video report here, where they touch on it a bit, plus raise the interesting question, who’s going to clean it all up? And then there are a couple of craigslist postings criticizing the graffiti: here, here, and here. Rebuttal here.

Personally, I think the paint-stencilling-graffiti is pretty clever; it’s definitely generating attention. I just wonder about the cleanup and responsibility, though. Will it wear off on its own, weathered by rain or whatever? Or will it need to be cleaned up manually—and by whom and at what cost?

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  1. talk about a non-story. this is cool marketing – that guy at the barber shop needs to chill. it’ll be gone soon, in the meantime, it’s a creative way to get the name and logo out there. i dig it.

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