BendFilmThursday—tomorrow—is the opening night of the BendFilm festival, which runs this weekend with movies all over town. No, really—at the Tower Theatre, McMenamins theater, the Old Mill, and Banter.

I’m sorry to say I have no idea where "Banter" is, though.

(It would appear to be the Bend-LaPine Education Center, across from the Library.)

I have to say, I just don’t go ga-ga over BendFilm like other people here do. I think having a local film festival is a good thing, generally, and it’s good for the economy and downtown, etc. etc. And I admire what they’ve managed to build in the past three years. But since I’m really not a movie buff, it’s not something I’ve gotten interested in.

Anyone want to send me reviews for this year’s films? I’ll post them here in their entirety.