Artists Local 101 "Guerilla" zine

Artists Local 101 "Guerilla" zineA few weeks ago at the Bend Fall Festival, I picked up the "premier issue" of a small zine/chapbook from a local non-profit arts group: Artists Local 101. The zine is named "Guerilla." It was one of those weird little finds that make you scratch your head. (Plus, it was free.)

The zine is full of black-and-white photos of artwork by the group (presumably), and events they’re associated with. It’s clever and a fun idea; I haven’t seen a bonafide zine in ages. Based on the wording on the back ("Enjoy the premier issue for FREE"), I’m not sure if they will charge for future issues… though it seems that would defeat the purpose, so who knows.

As to this Artists Local 101 group… I can’t find any website for them other than a few references online. From this booklet, though:

Who are we? A 501C3 non-profit. A group of hardworking contemporary artists. An on-going ‘barrel of monkeys’ reverence for the local art scene.

Artists Local 101, continuing our mission of instigating and exhibiting contemporary/outsider arts in your community.

To find out more contact or call 541-350-2159.