A good place for Halloween stuff

Need costumes and stuff for Halloween in a pinch? Check out the Halloween Headquarters, located in the Factory Outlets next to Nike. This close to the end of the month, they’re probably getting limited on the costume selection, but they’re still quite impressive.

That’s also the location of "The Haunt," a haunted house/interactive mystery which sounds interesting. The only thing I can find about it online comes from The Peak radio station‘s website:

…benefiting the Oregon Athletic & Educational Association. Join us, if you dare, and help solve the Mystery of Juniper Hollow. Open October 19-21 and 26-31 nightly at 7pm. Admission is $9. The Haunt is located next to Nike at the Bend Factory Stores (61334 S. Hwy. 97 in Bend) and is not recommended for young children.

Another place to check out is Party & Cards, on south 3rd Street next to the Grocery Outlet and Rite Aid. I can’t vouch for their selection, but I heard their ad for Halloween on the radio.

Any other good places—besides the box stores?

2 thoughts on “A good place for Halloween stuff

  1. We have gone to Goodwill for the kids’ costumes for the last couple of years. It takes a little more imagination, and is a LOT less expensive. This year I spent less than $20 on both girls – including costumes, wigs and makeup!

  2. Yeah, I forgot to mention Goodwill… we checked out the one in Redmond for Halloween costume supplies and I was impressed–they had more than I thought they would.

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