Happy hour guide from the Bulletin

The Bulletin surprises me today and publishes a really good happy hour guide. Almost all of what they cover is in Bend, but they also hit a few in Redmond, Sisters, Madras, Prineville, and Sunriver. They don’t just cover who has happy hours (and they admit it’s not a complete list, either), but they make sure to list what days and hours they take place, and the prices of drinks and food on special.

Oh yeah, the Bend listings are divided by "upscale" and "casual" dining. At first I thought they had omitted a bunch of places but no, just read farther down.

2 thoughts on “Happy hour guide from the Bulletin

  1. I’m surprised at the detail they covered and the fact that it’s online and not behind their paywall. And I just wouldn’t have expected a good resource like this to come from the Bulletin first–instead of one of the alt weeklies…

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