Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails

ZydecoIn my rant about Outback Steakhouse the other day I suggested going to Zydeco instead, and decided they needed a full post. I wrote about them on chuggnutt almost two years ago now, and if anything, my review is even better now than it was then.

They’re not cheap, but they are one of the best places in Bend for dinner right now. I have not had a bad meal—at all—and I can’t recommend any one dish over another because they’re all good. Seriously. The fish is excellent, the chicken good, the ribs are to die for. And the desserts?

Oh, the desserts… the almond wet cake is simply indescribable. You have to try it.

They are very kid-friendly, too. The tables are covered with paper that the kids (or the adults) can draw on with crayons. The waitstaff are all very attentive and excellent. And you can even take home their homemade dog biscuits at the end of the meal (catering to the fact that Bend is a huge dog-loving town).

The only criticism I would level at Zydeco is their location and small parking lot. They’re found on south Third Street, near the Reed Market intersection and next door to Carrera Motors. The parking lot is tight and access in and out is inconvenient.

I’d recommend getting reservations if you go for dinner.

Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails
1085 SE 3rd Street
Bend, OR 97702
(541) 312-2899

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  1. Yeah, those blueberry martini’s are pretty good; from what I remember they use a homemade blueberry syrup/sauce rather than some commercial stuff.

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