Apricot Lane downtown is closing

From the Bulletin today is a notice that the Apricot Lane gift store downtown is closing its doors:

Downtown Bend’s Apricot Lane will close its doors by the end of the year, the store’s owner said Tuesday. The clothing and gift shop has been at 1001 N.W. Wall St. for three years. A Hood River women’s clothing store will take over the space. Apricot Lane proprietor Bob McKinley will be retiring, he said, and hitting the ski slopes. Apricot Lane will soon have a monthlong sale of all remaining merchandise until everything is gone.

We were downtown by there today and so we stopped in; right now, everything in the store is on sale for 25% off. (I expect that number to go up as it approaches the end of the year.) It’s a cute little boutique store, lots of Christmas-themed items. Worth checking out if you’re looking for good deals on tchotchkes and knick-knacks.