WildFire Brewery… starting soon(?)

A friend gave me heads-up that the owners of JC’s Bar & Grill downtown are starting their own brewery—WildFire Brewing. I found confirmation on JC’s MySpace page, where they say:

JC’s is soon to be pouring beer from WildFire Brewing Company. This brewery was started by Jeremy and Chris and brewmaster Paul Cook.

This seems like it might coincide with their expansion into the space next door. I imagine they will primarily serve their beer on tap at JC’s, but beyond that? No idea. If it were me, I would focus pretty exclusively on the brewpub model and not worry about distributing until firmly established.

It’s cool that they’re doing this—I’m never one to say that more beer is a bad thing—but with five other breweries in the area, I hope they’re not entering into an over-saturated market. Time will tell.