Bend Christmas Parade

Santa Claus in the Bend Christmas ParadeSaturday, December 9th is the Bend Christmas Parade! Hard to believe it’s that time of year already…

The parade starts at noon, and follows a looping course through downtown and around Drake Park and Mirror Pond; check out the parade map here. It’s a fun parade, the kids will love it, but be prepared for cold! Bundle up, it’s been really cold each year as long as I can remember.

I’m sure we’ll go again this year, and I’ll take the camera and post a bunch of pictures.

Update: I forgot that the Newport Bridge is still closed, but this KTVZ article indicates that they might be done next week, in time for the parade. We’ll see. I wonder what they’ll do if it’s closed?

9 thoughts on “Bend Christmas Parade

  1. Yea, I’ll warm up the hot buttered rum and hot chocolate for the kids….I don’t like cold, so I’ll stay home 😛

  2. "Betsy Bones", 2 things: will *you* be on the RR float? And, the balcony would be cool but the kids like to be right down in front in case there’s candy. 🙂

  3. Hmmmm, a balcony to watch from….Jon, you might want to ask the kids. Betsy, I can bring the hot buttered rum for when you get back.

  4. Can you imagine the mess if they had to detour the parade down Portland St.? If you thought those people hated the traffic during the construction…

  5. I don’t think they’d take the parade over Portland St…. or if they did, they wouldn’t go the entire route. I don’t even want to think of it…

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