Bend Bulletin on Wildfire Brewing

I’m prescient. Last week I first blogged about Wildfire Brewing starting up (from the owners of JC’s Bar & Grill), and today there’s an article on them in the Bulletin.

According to the Bulletin, they’re planning on opening in the next two months.

“It’s sort of scary because nobody wants to take on Budweiser and Coors, which everyone drinks at the bar,” Cox said, adding that not all breweries offer lager beer. “We’re trying to tap into the lager market in Bend.”

Lager is one of the two flagship brews that brewer Cook will make at Wildfire’s new 1,600-square-foot facility in north Bend. Cook also will brew a pale ale, he said.

Cook said he’ll start making the beer within the next month and hopes to have beer ready for consumption in two months.

The Wildfire brewery will produce roughly 1,600 to 2,200 barrels of beer per year, Cox said.

Looks like I was right; initially the beer will be sold on tap at JC’s. Within six months, they hope to start bottling the beer.

This is pretty cool—I’m looking forward to trying them out. Stay tuned.