Review of Juniper Swim & Fitness

Shannon aka Betsy Bones of the Renegade Rollergirls wrote a review of the new Juniper Swim & Fitness Center:

juniper swim & fitness center

on sunday i decided to work on my secret plan to rule the universe and skip roller derby practice. what that meant was that i still needed to get my cardio in for the day (my goal is 4 days a week). in friday’s bend bulletin there was an article on the bend park and rec’s new juniper swim and fitness center which opened the new fitness area to the public last week. last time i visited jwfc i wasn’t impressed. the class room for winter conditioning was small and the fitness room was the size of a hilton hotel’s fitness room for travelers.

as i drove up, there seemed to be more parking and i found a spot up front. the check-in for the facility is located near the swimming pools temporarily and the cost to work out in the exercise room is $4 per trip or $5 if you’re planning to take a fitness class. after walking through a maze of signs directing you which way to go, i made it to the fitness room which was 3 times as big as before with all new equipment … treadmills, bikes, stairsteppers, elliptical, weight machine and free weights. the elliptical i used was easy to get started and i rocked out for about 35 mins to my workout mix on my ipod.

i investigated the locker rooms, of course. all new and more room as before. the best thing about the facility — the steam and sauna room. the only other gym that has a steam room in this town is athletic of bend.

for more info on jsfc, click here.

for less than i’m paying for boot camp, i can sign mr. bones and i up for $72 a month. of course, that doesn’t expire until april 1.