Holiday Shopping Guide: Alcohol

More in my "Holiday Shopping Guide"! This time I’m going with alcohol (hey, write what you know, right?)—beer, wine, booze. What shopping guide would be complete without it?

Liquor store

No real recommendation here; a liquor store is a liquor store is a… well, you get the idea. I am partial to the eastside store, it’s big and convenient, but I also like the one in Ray’s on the westside.

Newport Avenue Market

The best selection of bottled beer that I’ve found around here is, by far, Newport Avenue Market. From cheap American lagers to expensive high-end Belgian ales, it’s the place to go. Don’t forget to check out their Thirsty Thursday beer tastings if you’re in the area. And you can pick up a growler of Silver Moon Brewing beer if you want to keep it really local. (And no offense to Deschutes, but you can get theirs anywhere.)

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Odds are they can special order it for you—but be warned, it’s by the case.

1121 NW Newport Avenue
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 382-3940

Bend Brewing Company

You can only get Bend Brewing Company beers on tap at the brewpub, but they do offer beer to go—another chance to keep it local. Keep in mind these won’t last long. They’re filled from the tap and aren’t sealed so they’ll go flat. Drink quick!

1019 NW Brooks St.
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 383-1599

Maragas Winery

Currently one of two wineries in Central Oregon (Volcano Vineyards is the other, see below), Maragas not only makes wine but is also starting their own vineyard to grow their own grapes locally (up north of Terrebonne). Down at their tasting room on Colorado and Bond you can buy their signature Legal Zin, as well as glassware and accessories.

And, sign up for a membership to get discounts on wine and receive their limited edition releases (three times a year).

643 NW Colorado
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 330-0919

Vino Mercato

Not just a wine bar and bistro, Vino Mercato sells wine by the bottle as well as a variety of specialty deli goods. So not only can you find the perfect bottle of wine, but you can put it together with a variety of cheese and meats, or even a custom gift basket.

916 Wall St.
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 385-6979

Volcano Vineyards

The other winery in Central Oregon; whereas Maragas uses grapes from both California and Oregon, Volcano only uses Oregon grapes that they personally harvest. Down at their tasting room downtown on Brooks Street, you can not only try (and buy) their own wine, but:

In addition to our own Volcano Vineyards wines, we carry wines from other small production, self-distributed Pacific Northwest producers, such as Zerba Cellars, Mystic Wines, Spindrift Cellars, Anthony Dell Cellars, Eden Vale and Medici.

930 NW Brooks St.
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 617-1102

3 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping Guide: Alcohol

  1. Speaking of Beer…

    I’m sending a growler of "Sled Wreck" your way! I’ll email you directions to where it will be on Wednesday evening, waiting for you on a porch.

    If Barley Brown’s has empty growlers (they’ve been out for awhile, but the owner said he’d look for more today) I’ll also send you their Tumble Off Pale Ale. That’s the one that won the Gold Medal, and I know you’ll like it.


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