L & K Barber Shop

I got a haircut today at the L & K Barber Shop downtown, and wanted to write a review of it. I mentioned it briefly in my post on the Bond Street Barber Shop months ago, and figured it was time to give it the full-fledged treatment.

Despite my affinity for the Bond Street shop (and the free beer), I think L & K is my favorite place to get a haircut. Located in the O’Kane building on Oregon Avenue, they take walk-ins and appointments. The decor is very local (belt buckles on the wall, for instance) and old-school barber shop—that’s how it feels to me, anyway.

All the barbers are women (I think; there used to be one man but I haven’t seen him there in a while), and I’ve not received a bad haircut there. They don’t use electric clippers much (at least, not with me), except for fine trim—it’s all scissors cut. And you get the hot cream straight razor on the neck and sideburns.

(They’ll also do old fashioned straight razor shaves, but I haven’t done that.)

Contrast with the Bond Street shop, which is very sports-oriented and has all men barbers; something about getting a haircut there makes me feel like I’m getting some sort of sports buzz cut. I’ve not received a bad haircut from them, but it’s definitely a different atmosphere and it seems to take longer.

They only have four stations so if you’re a walk-in, there’s always a chance you could be in for a wait. But they have lots of magazines and reasonably comfortable chairs. And, overall, really good service.

107 NW Oregon Avenue
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 389-1893

One thought on “L & K Barber Shop

  1. Whitey’s favorite place to get a cut was the L & K. The gal always told him that if he needed a quick touch-up with the straight razor in the back that he could just stop by in between haircuts.

    I always noticed that his best hair cuts were from here as well.

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