Local Christmas lights

Today’s Bulletin has an article on the front page of their Community Life section about local Christmas light displays. (No link—it’s behind their paywall, grrrr.) I’ve been thinking about doing a holiday lights post; it’s usually a tradition of ours to drive around and look at the lights, and if we do that this year I’ll take some pictures.

As it stands, there’s a few displays that we seek out every year because they are so over the top. Without knowing (yet) if they’re up this year, the addresses (roughly) are:

  • Harmon Blvd., fronting Mirror Pond and Harmon Park. This is my favorite, it’s so garish and tacky and colorful and bright, it sticks out like a sore thumb—none of the surrounding houses comes close.
  • Summer Shade Drive. This is a good area for lights in general, but the house on the western end of Summer Shade (it makes a loop coming off of McClellan Road) is well decorated—and, defying common sense, they string lights up their tall ponderosas, some 50 or 60 feet, I’m guessing.
  • 19911 SW McClellan Road. This is one listed in the Bulletin’s article; it’s at the cul-de-sac at the end of McClellan (just down from the Summer Shade place). The breadth and scope of this one is pretty impressive; they spread out a lot and it’s worth the trip.

The other ones listed in the Bulletin’s article are:

  • 61140 Parkwood Court
  • 1658 NE Matson Road
  • 1671 NE Matson Road
  • Sarah Drive, several around 61245
  • 257 NW Outlook Vista Drive
  • 20734 NE Town Drive
  • 61771 Arrow Avenue
  • 19196 Shoshone Road
  • 19683 Platinum Way
  • 22830 McGrath Road
  • 2730 NE Faith Drive
  • 1154 NW Redfield Circle
  • 2422 NE Ravenwood Drive
  • 1808 NW Duniway Court
  • 2360 NE Meadow Lane
  • 2432 NE Crocus Way
  • 1126 SE Gatewood Place
  • 64727 Sylvan Loop
  • 807 NE 12th Street
  • 2260 NE Meadow Lane
  • 52503 Sunrise Blvd. (La Pine)
  • 701 NE Mariposa Avenue (Prineville)
  • 2927 NE Sugarpine Road (Prineville)
  • 4990 SW Quarry Avenue (Redmond)
  • 1635 NW Teak Avenue (Redmond)
  • 2840 NW Lynch Road (Redmond)

5 thoughts on “Local Christmas lights

  1. The one on Meadow lane (there’s actually two good ones there) is huge, and the guy keeps adding more lights (it’s just down the street from me).

  2. Givin’ a shout-out to my homies in the lovely DRW: River Woods Drive is LIT. Not just at the corner of Baker/River Woods Dr. You can see even more competition down River Woods Dr., so don’t just stop at the corner. Hear that, The Bulletin and Newschannel 21? LIT, I tell ya…

  3. Your wife….

    That house on Brinson and Butler Market Rd. would be mine. I hit just over 46,000 lights this year and have already started purchasing new lights for the next year. My wife (as compared to "your wife") has already requested a new theme (fourth year with a similar layout) so I will be doing an "ice skating rink" with a sled hill in the yard along with doubling the roof lights (have already purchased $900 in new LEDs to double up without doubling the lighting bill and still able to run the vaccuum every once in a while). I invite any and all to check out my display next year. I attempt a balance of brilliance in lights while minimizing the tackiness.

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