Finding The Abyss

Deschutes Brewery's The AbyssRegarding the charmingly Nietzschian title of this blog post, I refer to Deschutes Brewery‘s new ultra-limited reserve series beer, The Abyss—their high-alcohol Imperial stout that has just been released. In fact, it’s so limited that there were only 13,000 bottles produced (all waxed-dipped 22-ounce), and you’re going to have trouble finding any of them.

I should know—I checked Newport Market on Thursday, the eastside Safeway today (found and bought the one they had left), Wild Oats, called the brewery itself (they were set to have some in the afternoon sometime), and Ray’s Food Place (westside). No luck. The only bottle I had found was at the east Safeway. Well, I wanted several bottles to cellar, hence the scouring around town. Finally, a guy at Ray’s told me he saw about a dozen bottles at the westside Safeway (just across the street).

So we checked over there and sure enough, they have a bunch. I bought four more bottles and was very, very sorely tempted to buy more. I may do just that. Though at $5.99 a bottle, that’s not gonna be cheap.

In the meantime, though, if you’re looking for some of this beer (which by all accounts is fantastic), try the west Safeway.

Though I’m probably sabotaging myself by telling you. :)

4 thoughts on “Finding The Abyss

  1. Not yet, but I have five bottles now… I figure I was gonna open one of them, but they also have it on tap at the Brewery.

    Of course, I *could* always send a bottle your way, since you hooked me up with Barley Brown’s… 🙂

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