New Year’s Eve parties

For those of you not already going to a party (or just staying home) on New Year’s Eve, the Bulletin has a pretty good article listing many of the parties and events you can go to. They include details, times, and prices.

Some are expensive, some are cheap/reasonable. For instance, the Deschutes Brewery’s Mountain Room party is $75 per person, while the Black Horse Saloon is waiving cover charges entirely. The Riverhouse’s party is $10.

They’ve got a ton of places listed, so check it out—you might just find the perfect soirée.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve parties

  1. All I really know is that they’re located in the old Bon Bien space (heh). With their dress code and everything, I don’t know, I have a hard time taking that seriously considering the location (above the rock and garden place), but oh well…

  2. Actually… I was just there this weekend on Saturday night and it was awesome. The dress code wasn’t that bad.. I was wearing jeans and a sweater and they let me in.

    I did see them turn away a guy at the door who was wearing some white tennis shoes (nike or adidas, I think) and a T-Shirt.

    At first I thought it was bad.. but then after looking around, it was actually pretty cool because the place seemed pretty classy and so did the people.

    The music was nice and they had a great atmosphere… worth checking out.

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