The martini glass tax lots

This really doesn’t have anything to do with anything, other than just being kind of goofy. But there’s an arrangement of property tax lots in Bend that look, when viewed from above, like a martini glass.

My wife noticed this in Sunday’s Bulletin, in their article on growth. (They had printed a tax lot map of the area, but I didn’t see it online.) So just for kicks I went to Google Earth and grabbed the image, and highlighted the property:

Property tax lots in Bend that look like a martini glass

See that? The top of the glass is made up of the Humane Society and Central Electric Co-op, the "stem" runs along the road past Knott Landfill, and the base is the series of lots on the corner of 27th and its intersection with Rickard Road. And those are the actual (rough) shapes of the tax lots right there.

Like I said, nothing to do with anything, really, just kind of fun.