Makahna’s, next to Alpenglow

Shannon tipped me off to this: there’s a new place being built out next door to the Alpenglow Café, apparently named Makahna’s. They have their liquor license application posted on their window (to sell beer, wine and cider), which was entered January 4th, under the name "Makahna’s, LLC". Inside there’s still a lot of construction going on.

There really isn’t much to be found out online about it, but I do have a reliable source who gave me the scoop: It’s going to be a coffee, wine, and pastry place—kind of a wine bistro similar to Vino Mercato. They will be open during the afternoons and evenings, have seating out on the terrace (during good weather), and will definitely cater to the fine wine crowd.

And, construction will probably be finished sometime late February or March.

Should be a nice little establishment, especially when it’s warm enough to sit out on the terrace; it’s west-facing and while you can’t directly see the river (Joker’s blocks the view), the views aren’t bad at all.

4 thoughts on “Makahna’s, next to Alpenglow

  1. It says it will be open from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. posted on the door. I checked it out as Charlie was doing his business this morning.

  2. Actually you are incorrect. It is open now and it is the most affordable italian place in town. They have many beers and wines, pastas hot and cold, coffee drinks, pastries, etc. The atmostphere is casual dining. Come and check it out.

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