As usual, Jake was on the forefront of this news: this June, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization will be descending on Central Oregon to have a, well, Bigfoot hunting expedition. Once Jake ran the story, it picked up steam: appearing in an article in the Bulletin (you need to pay for online access) and on KTVZ.

The gist:

The cost: $300 per person, $600 for two or more in the same vehicle. That covers only "the overhead costs for organizing the expedition," so you have to arrange and pay for your own food, camping gear and whatever else you need to go Bigfoot hunting.

Participants will meet in Bend before venturing out on the four-day campout and hunt for evidence in the Cascades, June 14-17, timed for a period when there’s "almost no moonlight," organizers said on the Website.

Uhm… yeah. You don’t see area news like this every day.

Jake suggests leaving town during those days, but I don’t know, it could be too much fun to watch. Perhaps June should be Bigfoot-themed to commemorate the event; the kitschy stores could sell Bigfoot dolls and postcards and things, the breweries could brew Sasquatch Ale or something. Maybe there’ll be a "sighting" on Pilot Butte (nudge nudge, wink wink).

And of course, even though you have to pay to be a part of the "official" expedition, what’s stopping people from just tromping out into the woods those same days?

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