Checking in on 92.7 FM

92.7 FM RadioThe new 92.7 FM radio station I first blogged about in October of last year (and garnered a ton of comments for—mostly from people think that I am the radio station) has been going strong. So far it’s gotten mostly positive reviews based on comments and people I’ve talked to. And it’s the station I listen to most often when I’m in the car these days.

They’ve added at least two live DJs over the past few weeks, and recently they’ve started playing music from local bands, and have been soliciting more local music (radio edited, naturally). I think that’s a really good move, considering the thriving music scene here in Central Oregon.

As they’ve been advertising, if you’re a local musician and want to get on the air, either hit 92.7’s contact page or drop off your CD at their Mill Point office, just off Columbia Street and above Robby J’s Bistro. They’re claiming all types of music are welcome.

And interestingly, they’ve published the results of the survey they have on their site. (I don’t know if they update these results as more surveys are filled out, since they still have the form online.) Some interesting stats/conclusions there.

So what does everyone think, a couple of months in?

4 thoughts on “Checking in on 92.7 FM

  1. I was pretty sour at them at first – too much mid-90s (and current, for that matter) cock rock. But today, I heard the Pixies, the Arcade Fire and TV On the Radio, so there’s definitely some potential there. I’m willing to give them a good second chance.

  2. When you first started I loved it, but lately there is alot of really slow boring music, usaually i like 9 out 10 songs you play, but yesterday i heard 6 bad songs in a row. What happend to the variety?

  3. I’m really glad to have you on the air, I listen all the time. You started out strong, but lately I’m hearing a lot of repeat songs (sounding a little like any other "rock" station). The best part of your station when you first started out was the absolute randomness. I loved the fact that you could hear NIN, Johnny Cash, Pixies, Flaming Lips, and Guns N Roses. The newer songs are fine, but how about limiting them a couple times a day? How about some Willie Nelson, Melvins, old Metallica, Dead Milkmen…… guys are doing a great job, not trying to knock you, just want you to know what was great………basically keep it fresh, and don’t be repetetive.

  4. Are you guys hooked up with the web yet for listening????? I need you during my work hours too! 🙂

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