Renegade Rollergirls: February 17

The Renegade Rollergirls are back for the new year with their first bout of 2007 coming up on February 17th (a Saturday). It’ll be at the Central Oregon Indoor Sports Center (as usual) but heads up: prices have gone up this year. It’s now $10 for general admission and $15 for VIP seating.

As I said in my review, VIP is the way to go. If you general admission, though, get there as early as you can—doors open at 6pm—because it fills up fast and it’s first come, first served. Tickets are available from Oxygen Tattoo and Redmond Smokehouse.

Here’s a thumbnail of the banner for this event ("Farewell to Flesh"). Click through for the full version.

Renegade Rollergirls flyer for Feb. 17, 2007

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