"Fabulous scenery attracts people with fabulous amounts of money"

So claims the Economist in this article on Bend, which pretty much sums up their point. It’s basically another rah-rah promotion piece for the area, nothing we haven’t seen before in some form or another—though as Barney points out, it "might raise at least a few eyebrows, both from the vantage point and the rosy portrait it paints" since it’s from the high-profile The Economist.

Other select quotes from the article:

"Bend is also economically vibrant. It typifies the changes seen in many western towns that once were sleepy backwaters based on mining or timber."

"In some areas all this translates into a city full of ageing but well-off geezers. Not in Bend."

"[A] large population of relatively young adults means thousands of children who will eventually want to create their own jobs and wealth in Bend."

One thought on “"Fabulous scenery attracts people with fabulous amounts of money"

  1. Interesting how they don’t point out the slowing market, lack of employees and affordable housing for all those new young residents of Bend, but wonder how many CEOs read this publication and consider moving out to Bend.

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