Movietyme space idea

This is just a random idea I’m throwing out there: every day I drive by the old Movietyme Video space, there on the corner of 8th and Greenwood. (Behind Papa John’s Pizza, and in the same building complex as Thriftway and Rent-a-Center.) It’s a big empty space and there’s a sign on the window indicating that it’s for lease.

So here’s my thought: What about opening up a brewpub there? (Overlooking the fact that the area might be getting oversaturated with commercial beer brewers.) Think it would be a good spot for one?

I’ll even throw out a name: Pilot Butte Brewing Company.

8 thoughts on “Movietyme space idea

  1. We could always open one up like we talked about many years ago…you brew…i manage.

    However, like you mentioned oversaturation…and Pilot butte burgers over there would take away lunch crowd.

    Hey, I’m looking for something to do when the kids go to school full time…you wanna?

  2. *Another* brew pub? Bleh. Come on, Jon. Does Bend really need that?

    However – what Bend *does* need is a cool, hip place for young people (20-30-somethings) to hang out. The Martini Bar, Astro and Grove are all too damn loud and overcrowded and pretentious.

    I want a place where I can casually taste/swig some fine drink (preferably whiskey) and maybe even wine. 🙂 Ya know – kick back in old overstuffed chairs or hang out on plastic bar stools, maybe with a nice library of comic books and a few sweet pool tables. And the decor has to be slightly off-kilt, but always hip. Maybe something celtic/goth, with a geek twist.

    Something quiet, warm, cozy, and utterly comfortable. But also something where the occasional death-metal or jazz band can play, and you can let your hair completely down. No smoking, no kids, no grays, no food.

    I think that would totally take off. 🙂

  3. I don’t think it’s a bad idea. Sure, Bend has plenty of beer pubs…but are they on the EAST side? I’d love a place to go that doesn’t mean dealing with downtown!

  4. How about another live music venue that doesn’t book the same bands OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Surely others are tired of second-rate jam bands, rappers and DJs and the same regional bands that tour NorCal, Oregon, Washington and Vancouver forever.

    Seriously … watch the local schedules and compare them to what was happening last year … and the year before. Same acts/bands.

    (Leave Les Schwab Amphitheater out of this rant … it doesn’t apply there.)

    A smaller club booking small-to-medium size indie bands would be awesome. The trick would be getting them away from the I-5 corridor.

    I absolutely don’t mean to put down the folks who are bringing music to town. Big kudos to them. They’ve done their part to put Bend on the map and give the town more culture. They have their contacts now and they know who brings in the crowds/money. But some new blood would be good, too.

  5. What I’d like to see is a Whole Foods. It’s got the parking, but probably not the square footage…..but I still would like one – especially now that their prices (overall) are going down (thanks to WalMart?!??!)


  6. Bend doesn’t need another brewpub. I sort of like Simone’s idea, but that location is a REALLY bad location — it has strip mall written all over it (I’m still amazed that Timbers survives down south). I just can’t invision the locals in that area allowing a bar right there, and the place would need some serious remodeling inside, me thinks.

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