The Redmond Spokesman has a blog

I just found out today that The Redmond Spokesman—Redmond’s local weekly newspaper—has a blog, where they seem to be posting both bullet-point summaries of their news and longer articles. Good deal; they actually have a domain name but no site or other online presence out there—nice to see they’ve set up something.

And, their blog gives them a leg-up on the Bulletin, too—they have an RSS feed so their content can be syndicated and read in news aggregators. The Bulletin doesn’t do that; I have a cobbled-together RSS feed for the Bulletin that slurps their free headlines, but that’s just a workaround. Plus, most of the Bulletin’s online content is behind a paywall anyway.

+1 Redmond Spokesman.

One thought on “The Redmond Spokesman has a blog

  1. Strange – the Redmond Spokesman is owned by the same company as The Bulletin. I know that The Bulletin has been verrrrry hesitant to use blogging as another tool for their online presence. Maybe this is a test-study of some sort.

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