Valentines goodies at Sparrow Bakery

The Sparrow Bakery is serving up some Valentines Day treats this holiday season: erotic baked goods.

Yes, you read that right. They have a special menu divided into a "G-rated" section and "X-rated" section for "one day only." You’ll probably want to place an order ahead of time if you want something in particular, otherwise you can stop in on the 14th and it’s first come, first served.

(One interesting thing on the menu (don’t worry, G-rated): an entire Valentine Supper To Go, for $58. It’s a dinner for two, and includes shrimp spring rolls, miso soup, and a seared ahi plate. Sadly, I’m two days late in blogging it: order had to be in by Saturday the 10th.)

First heads-up appeared here in The Source Weekly.

The Sparrow Bakery is located at 50 SE Scott Street, just east off the Colorado Street exit from the Parkway—kind of in that industrial part of town just over the tracks.