The Source’s cheap dining guide

The current issue of The Source Weekly has a "Dine on a Dime" cheap eating guide that I thought was worth writing about—but you won’t find it online. Go pick up an issue before it’s gone if you want the full article.

Their guidelines are places that serve at least three meal menu items for under $7. Their list includes:

  • The Brown Bag
  • Cafe Sintra
  • Corey’s Bar and Grill
  • The D&D
  • Devore’s
  • Hans
  • Longboard Louie’s
  • Pizza Mondo
  • Taco Stand
  • Chan’s Chinese
  • Demetri’s Greek Cusina
  • Pilot Butte Drive-in
  • Black Horse Saloon
  • Yoko’s

And a whole bunch more. I was pretty impressed at how extensive/inclusive it is—we’ll definitely keep it around for reference. Makes me want to head down to the D&D for some deep-fried goodness.