Deschutes Brewery teams up with Backporch Coffee

This was found on the Backporch Coffee Roasters‘ blog today:

Well some exciting news is instore for all you coffee folks. Deschutes Brewery has just announced the release of the new "Backporch Imperial Porter" which will be served at the downtown pub on the X tap. We are so excited to be paired with such a fine company to create such a beautifully paired beverage. Thanks to those at Deschutes who made this possible (Patrick). Get some while you can and make sure to tell them how much you like it.

Okay, let me just say, "Yum!" If it’s like the Imperial Porter Deschutes now has on tap at the pub, it’ll probably weigh in at around 8% alcohol.

Incidentally, Backporch Coffee is located on the westside in the old Royal Blend location: 1075 NW Newport Avenue, next to Newport Avenue Market.

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