Redmond UFO convention

Who else saw the blurb in Saturday’s paper about Redmond’s UFO convention being planned for June?

If the Redmond Historical Commission, The High Desert Society of the Arts and the Redmond Downtown Merchants have their druthers, airplanes won’t be the only craft descending upon Redmond come June. The groups are pulling together to put on the first UFO convention in Central Oregon on June 23.

Details are sparse; they were holding a meeting this evening to explore all the angles. I’d be curious to hear how that went…

And that sure seems like an eclectic bunch to be holding a UFO convention. I wonder if they’re envisioning something more commercial like "sci-fi/X-Files convention" rather than "weirdos wearing foil hats convention."

2 thoughts on “Redmond UFO convention

  1. wouls love to attend. have some great sightings to share. One from right here in bend 1 yr ago this month. please keep me posted, Rob

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