Restaurant notes

Papa’s Pizza, south of town across from Fred Meyer, is changing its name to "Pappy’s Pizza." My wife saw this while in the area today.

Vino Mercato, the wine bistro and deli downtown, is closing. It was a blurb in the paper today and Duncan mentions it on his blog. I actually remembered hearing about this a couple of weeks ago, but it went over my head at the time.

In its place will be a new restaurant, details unknown.

One thought on “Restaurant notes

  1. It was for sale for a while — asking price of $225,000 with stated revenues of over $500K per year. Their lease is $3400 per month. You can find all of the restaurants in Bend that are for sale at

    A friend was in negotiations to take it over and put a Thai restaurant in the space, but now that there’s going to be 2 new Thai places opening within a few blocks, he may have to re-think that plan.

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